Come to Market; Roll up for Fairground attractions! See Apocalyptic Horsemen on Carnival mounts! Wander down avenues of naughty Pucks, seductive in the shrubbery... leaf through chapters of darkly dangerous Harlequins, Narcissi, Angel-winged lcarii, acrobats and Sorcerers!... Shield the eyes of innocents from the monstrous Minotaur, and maybe forego the spicy 'Fish Dish'!

Richard Wallace's beautifully composed, audaciously contorted figures are etched and chivvied into life on the canvas and imbued with feisty fun!... He has a mordant sense of humour, and the technique of conveying it brilliantly! - 2013

Curriculum Vitae

After training and working in Advertising and Graphic Design I was drawn toward painting and Fine Art. As a self-taught painter I first exhibited in Manchester City, England, and was awarded 'Young Artist Award' by the Manchester Academy of Fine Art, also twice exhibiting at Londons' Royal Academy. Later I was 'Artist in Residence' at Derby City Art Gallery, having been awarded the 'Silver Palette' First Prize.
Further exhibition venues include, some being current and concurrent

1980Manchester Academy of Fine Arts 'Young Artist Award'Manchester
1980Portland GalleryManchester
1981Ginnel GalleryManchester
1983Christiania KunstalonOslo
1985Kjell Olsen GalleriOslo
1990Blackheath GalleryLondon
1991Royal Academy Summer ExhibitionLondon
1991Gagliardi GalleryLondon
1991Derby City Art gallery 1st prize winner, 'Silver Palette'Derby
1992Derby City Art gallery 'Artist in Residence' Derby
1994Ann-Mei Chadwick GalleryLondon
1995Staffordshire open comptetition 1st prize winnerStaffordshire
1996The Ashbourne GalleryDerbyshire
1996Mayfair GalleryLondon
1997Adonis ArtLondon
1997The Ashbourne GalleryDerbyshire
1997Eton Contemporary ArtsEton
1998Mall galleriesLondon
2001Adonis ArtLondon
2005Biscuit FactoryNewcastle-Upon-Tyne
2007Gallery KaleidoscopeLondon
2009Troubadour GalleryManchester
2009Sheridan Russell GalleryLondon
2011Singing Soul GalleryKent
2011Galeri MooimanNetherlands
2012Pyatt and HesbrookAshbourne
2014Asgard Artsebay gallery
2016Artzu GalleryManchester




Artwork photographed by Glenwood Studios
Giclee posters and cards available, please enquire +44(0)7890 824459
Printing by Iris Print to Fine Art Guild standard on 280gm Archival paper.
For more information phone +44(0)7890 824459 or email:

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